Samsung i9100 Galaxy SII


Samsung’s Galaxy lineup is home of some of the world’s finest droids. But the I9100 Galaxy S II is special. The forerunner was in contention for the Best Droid title and more than once got a hand on it. But it was only a matter of time for the competition to eventually catch up and even get ahead. The Galaxy S II aims to put Samsung back in the lead.

The Galaxy S II is slightly bigger than its predecessor, but thinner and lighter. It’s a monster of a smartphone with a killer screen and premium
imaging. You can bet the Gingerbread ticking inside feels right at home.

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  1. Abdul Latif Khoso says:

    We are waiting for this set since long.

  2. Teletec Mobile says:

    Your long wait will going to be end just after 30-45 days, because Galaxy SII will be revealed in the 1st week of August at all over the PAKISTAN by TELETEC

  3. Ali Rafique says:

    On one of the facebook pages i saw that it is arriving in Pakistan officially in the 2nd week of July. So please tell if it is coming in July or August and what will be the expected price. Thank you.

  4. Teletec Mobile says:

    No it will be launch by 1st week of August 2011 and the official price will be mention with specs and details at our website on the launch of i9023.

  5. abdullah says:

    Dear Teletec
    Why this delay ? I have been waiting for some time now to shift from my HTC Desire to the galaxy s ii.
    I wish you could stick to your previous announcement of 1st week of July.
    Now, how do we know august will not get delayed further ??


  6. Teletec Mobile says:

    Who announce about JULY i think you are in a big misunderstanding.
    It will gonna be official launch by 1st week of AUGUST through proper channel.

  7. I bookmarked this guestbook. Thank you for real well position! .

  8. Woods says:

    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me stairhgt.

  9. Millicent says:

    You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for srhaing.

  10. Shahan says:

    Guys will this cool phone will be available in stores(Islamabad) in first week of august?.

  11. Teletec Mobile says:

    Yes offcourseit will be :)

  12. shahan says:

    will this phone have android 2.3.3 or the updated 2.3.4 firmware, and what will be the price?

  13. Salman says:

    Does your warrant cover hardware issues or is it only software warrant ??

  14. Salman says:

    Does your Warranty for Galaxy S 2 cover Hardware issues or is it only Software Warranty ??

  15. Salman says:

    Does your Warranty of Galaxy S 2 cover Hardware issues or is it only Software Warranty ??

  16. Teletec Mobile says:

    every thing except accessories is included in each and every handset provided by Teletec ..

  17. shahan says:

    is the phone”made in korea by samsung” or ” made in china by samsung”

  18. Raheel says:

    Hi..i have just recently bought the GSII under teletec warranty and I am facing a lot of issues. 1st theres is a dead pixel visible of my screen and also yellowish tint on the left side of the screen and there is a pink spot when i take pictures :S

  19. Teletec Mobile says:

    Drop your handset to the nearest Teletec Customer Care for warranty claim.

  20. zohaib says:

    iwant sgs2 in white color when its available in teletec waranty?

  21. Erujj Rizvee says:


    I’ve been using this handset for 3 months and now i am facing the screen burn in issue which happens with these displays(super amoled). The status bar and home screen doesnot go away and stays there like a shadow on white pages.

    my warranty expires in october 2012. What should i do??

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